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City Council Canidates 2016 - Click Here to View
List of 2016 Qualified Candidates; June 7th Primary Election

What the Board Does - Click Here to View
10/08/2015 - Federated Retirement Board Presentation

All About Dementia - Click Here to View
10/08/2015 - A Presentation on Dementia by Kaiser

The Unveiling of new Pension-Reform Measures - Click Here to View
by Former San Jose Mayor Reed & San Diego ally

SJREA vs City of San Jose; DOES - Click Here to View
Complaint for Injunction and Declartory Relief and Verified Petition for Writ of Mandate [CCP 1085]

Retiree Health Info - Click Here to View
Retiree Health Care Plans and Information

Investment Program - Click Here to View
06/11/2015 - Federated City Employee's Retirement System Presentation

Memorandum from Jennifer Schembri & Jennifer A Maguire - Click Here to View
07/24/2015 - Measure B Tentative Agreement

City Council Member Donald Rocha Memo - Click Here to View
08/07/2015 - Regarding P&F re: Measure B Settlement Agreement

California Pension Ballot Measure - Click Here to View
08/12/2015 - Chuck Reed takes issue with Kamala Harris' wording

City of San Jose Abandons Measure B - Click Here to View
08/15/2015 - Setting the Record Straight by Scott Herhold

Measure B Article Mercury News - Click Here to View
08/19/2015 - Reed's Pension plan is deceptive

City of San Jose - Budget Update - Click Here to View
2016 - 2020 General Fund Forecast | Mayor's Message Direction

Pension Overview - Click Here to View
Presented by the Office of Retirement Services

SJREA vs City of San Jose; - Click Here to View
New Health Care Lawsuit - Court Documents

Notice of Appeal by SJREA Attorneys - Click Here to View
SJPOA vs City of San Jose, Admin for Police & Fire Department Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan Recommendations - Click Here to View
Cortex Report Recommendations

Prior year tax return available upon request

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